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Feb 162012



If you are determined to have the world and the things of the world, its pleasures and its rewards, its follies and its sins; if you must have your own way, and cannot give up anything for Christ and your soul; if this be your case, there is but one end before you.



J.C.Ryle / credit Wikipedia

I fairly warn you, I plainly tell you, you will sooner or later come to the unquenchable fire of hell.



But if anyone is willing to be saved, the Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to save them. “Come unto Me,” He says, “weary soul, and I will give you rest. Come, guilty and sinful soul, and I will give you free pardon. Come, lost and ruined soul, and I will give you eternal life. Come and be freely saved.”

~ J.C. Ryle



No matter how much you may exhort, plead, explain, punish, and beseech  you cannot turn anyone’s  head one iota  when ALL they long for is the glitz and false freedom of the ‘world’.



All of the ‘been there, done that’  advice and the desire to save them pain from foolish mistakes falls on deaf ears when there is not even a crack in their shell of ‘love of self’.




All one can do is pray that when life hits them hard … and it will eventually….it will crack the shell rather then cause them to reinforce it further. Perhaps even a small crack will cause some spiritual hunger that will change their value system….the uphill battle to fully adopt the values of Jesus rather then the cheap humanistic values that are ingrained in us.








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