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Jul 242013

We’re proud to announce James Robert Moore, Jr. !

None of the ultra sound pictures came out very well …. he had some great face moments while we were watching the screen and he was even sucking his thumb!

Unfortunately NONE of those moments were captured …. so this is the best of the worst 🙂



James Robert Moore, Jr.


So, we’re in our third trimester …. 29 weeks and days as of today.

Due Date:  October 6  – which is Meadows birthday! How funny is that!

Activity level: HIGH. This little guy is a bundle of energy.

He’s strong enough to actually lurch my body.


He’s giving Daphne a run for her money… she was another super active baby in utero.

I was extra exhausted and sleepy with her.

As I am with this fella.

And the same kind of discomfort… and the same early and strong Braxton’s.

( my least favorite part of pregnancy )

As usual though, the whole pregnancy is  going by way too fast… at warp speed.

And me with a huge long to-do list before his arrival!

Another ‘as usual’ ~ HA!



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