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Apr 192012


Aside from not having rain in such a long time ( apparently we’re near drought conditions ) , the rain is sooooo wonderful because of this:


 That is not fog…. it’s SMOKE.  Smoke from a fire that started 32 days ago.

The 200 acre fire is now reported to be 280 acres.

This smoke has been awful… at any given time of the day our air quality goes down to nil because the fire is still smouldering and flaring up.

The scariest factor is that it had actually reached onto our neighbors property when it started! They took the girls to go see it afterschool yesterday and it’s STILL on fire!

We knew that  it was close… but not THAT close.



Apr 042012

We’re expecting some packages within the next week and Gretchen and Duel are so excited!

Why are they excited?  Is it toys? Candy? Anything for them at all?

No. They want the boxes!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much fun the kids get out of things that aren’t toys!

It tickles me to no end that they, Gretchen especially, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of boxes of all things!

(She’s hoping that there’s at least one BIG one!)

Apr 032012

In time for Easter or as a nice supplement  for Bible studies!

Bible Videos - The Life of Jesus Christ

This is a lovely and well put together set of short videos about the life of Jesus.

While it is from the LDS church  (we are definitely NOT LDS)  it is based off of the KJV of the Bible.

 It’s  pretty much word for word without  any sweeping conjunctions from producers ~ my biggest  pet peeve  when it comes to Bible based movies!


Apr 032012

Violet, Gretchen, Duel and I  FINALLY got out to explore the woods last month.

The girls were oh~so~brave climbing overturned trees.


Even Duel got a little bit  adventurous.

But not for long .

After that his mission was to insist that he knew the way out of the woods!

‘Guys, really, home’s this way!’

Violet saved Duel a few times…..

and then she saved Gretchen.

Saving Gretchen caused her to finally lose  her loose molar

……… the woods

…………in the leaves

which then caused a great tooth hunt.

The tooth was found.

Many band-aids were applied.

The woods MUST be cleared.

Then we checked out the retention area on the back piece of the property.

Scary….very eerie ….like filmed an alien horror movie scary.

I don’t think we’ll be going out there much.

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