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Nov 062014

We use  to make Jeopardy style study guides.

We have game buzzers … but they’re awfully hard to use. Even though they each  make a different sound,  it’s impossible to tell who buzzed first.

But it’s still more  fun than studying on your own. 🙂

Playing this gives the kids a good idea of what kind of information will be on the test. After we’ve played,  they can use it all they want for studying.

Click on the picture to play!


Mystery of History Jeopardy – Roman Republic through the Golden Age of Athens


So, one question was ‘What caused Athens to be able to have it’s Golden Age?’  

( answerA 30-year peace treaty with Sparta. )

Duel answered: a peace treaty

Me: Yes, but how long was it?

Duel, answering with great excitement: Six feet!



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