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My “Good Helper”

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Jan 142013


I love it when the children take it upon themselves to help out 🙂

Daphne refers to herself as my “Good Helper”

Direct quote from Daphne

(with a dramatic wiping of her brow )

“Whew, I like hard work!”




While I did go back and touch up her work,

she actually did a really good job finishing up the dishes!


Real Girls Eat Pink

 Real Girls Eat Pink  Silly Kids  Comments Off on Real Girls Eat Pink
Sep 212011

The girl in this case being Miss Daphne.

Exhibit #1

Pink Potty Donut


This luscious pink donut goes to her potty chair. She received it last Christmas and promptly bit out a few chunks. This morning when I had it on the counter (no, it’s never actually been USED) she snuck away with it to take a few more bites.

Exhibit #2

Pink Baby Spoon


After feeding Thaddeus the other day I left the spoon on the counter. It went missing! Found it being gnawed on by Daphne. The missing pieces have yet to be found.


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