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Jan 142013


I love it when the children take it upon themselves to help out 🙂

Daphne refers to herself as my “Good Helper”

Direct quote from Daphne

(with a dramatic wiping of her brow )

“Whew, I like hard work!”




While I did go back and touch up her work,

she actually did a really good job finishing up the dishes!


Dec 112012


Ok, so it really doesn’t get any easier then this.  Using royal icing as glue made these houses REALLY easy to put together and very stable.


Graham cracker houses + kids + goodies


Pookie and Gretchen put a LOT of effort into making their houses really nice and interesting.

Duels turned into an epic story that involved the house being covered in licorice ropes.

 Daphne did FAR better then I expected … although she kept hogging the candy.

And Prairie… well Prarie didn’t quite get the point of what she was supposed to be making.

She did however get the point of eating… and eat she did!





Artists at work


The finished pieces!