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Apr 092013

Prairie Gretchen Violet and Meadow Thaddeus James




While our two did great , it’s a shame that not all of the children showed up to participate

… and all of the older kids welched on joining in

… and the video was taken with my camera while holding Meadow and keeping track of Prairie

 (which means it was shaky and the quality stinks).

Plus it’s loooong, unless you are Gretchen or Duel I suggest that you may not want to click play.


So, after that big build up…..

without further ado I present Gretchen and Duel!








Feb 222013


   Funny Stuff!

   We had a Fed Ex delivery a couple of days ago. The delivery man honked and honked until I came out.

 As he hesitantly approached our backyard gate, he pointed to the doggy door and stated that he was afraid that a big dog was going to jump out of there.

I take it he must have had some bad experiences out here in the boonies.

This sign may have been what made him worried….



"Gretchen" "Beware of Dog"

Our Front Gate



What he didn’t know is that our ‘dog’ is perfectly harmless.

I call him Festus.


Our Dog


Granted, he’s a lousy watchdog…

but he’s no trouble whatsoever….

and he’s very good with children.