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Jan 302012

A light saber fight is a fun way to wake up a child who doesn’t want to get up.

Violet Pearl took out both of my legs

but I defeated her with a fatal blow while she was gloating.



Apparently some pretty interesting things happen on the walk from the bus stop.

Such as:

The squirrel funeral.

Squirrel Grave

It would seem that the girls and the neighbor children came upon a squirrel that had demised.

So they proceeded to do the only suitable thing to do in such a situation….

They gave him a proper burial and service.

‘He’ was originally a ‘she’ with a very elaborate name (for a squirrel)

until the neighbor boy checked….



For the first time ever, Duel managed to sit still for a haircut.

No squirming…No whining…No fussing.





Duel demonstrated what a kind gentleman he can be.

Daphne did something to Prairie that left her in tears.

Duel comforted her by giving her the candy that he had been rewarded with from the haircut.

A selfless act of kindness!

Love it!


Gretchen lost her front tooth … so very cute!







James finished tweaking Pookie Ball!






I finally put my recipe binder together! Only took two years!


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Jan 242012



Yea! I finally found this video again!


I’m so happy!


I found it… lost it…. found it again….saved it to the desktop… hard drive crashed….


It’s hard to find things when you can’t remember what they’re called!


This is a wonderful  video for adults or children. It gives a clear concise explanation of the gospel that’s easy to understand and take in quickly. The children thoroughly enjoyed it.


While it gives a good summation, it IS only 11 minutes long and therefore is best used as the perfect prelude to deeper discussion!


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Jan 092012


I LOVE this picture.

Despite being messed up – the camera was NOT cooperating with me that night.

It’s just to sweet!







I’m so pleased to have such a pretty picture of Thaddeus. He seems to have an aversion to cameras…and usually refuses to smile when one’s pointed at him!






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Jan 092012


…. then receiving flowers for no reason?




A very thoughtful gift from my Jim Bob last Friday on the last ever …never to happen again…. event of trying to do the months shopping in ONE afternoon with five kids in tow on Mosies doctor apt. days.




The rest of the day …….


*That morning James comes up with a much better plan for my shopping .


*I foolishly decide to still try to do it my own difficult way so that I don’t have go back out another day.


*We’re nine minutes late to Mosies appointment so I send her and Duel inside so that she can sign in.


*It takes me FIFTEEN minutes to get three little ones out of the car and inside… Daphne had taken her shoes and socks off, Prairie lost a sock, I couldn’t open the stroller until I untangled the jumper cables that had somehow gotten wrapped all around it ( btw James, your jumper cables are in the Durango :p), Daphne slammed her thumb in the door, and I had figure out how to get an uncooperative Prairie into the weird stroller buckle contraption. Does anyone need a diaper change? Does Everyone have sippies and bottles? Wipe Prairies face. Redo Daphnes hair.




*The doctor appointment takes way longer then usual .


*In about 4 hours we hit every store we needed to go to except Wally World. We just couldn’t face going in there though.



*Note to self: don’t give a six year old boy sitting in the very back seat a 33.8 oz flavored water when he says he’s thirsty. If you do, always make sure you have a sixteen year old with you who wants to go into a store. Thereby, she ends up facing the embarassment of the situation.



* Get home. Mosie goes to bed. I’m kinda ok with it this ONE time, due to the six year old boy incident. Unload everything. We’re all exhausted.



*James lets me know he’s on his way home. Then he’s late. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. I’m envisioning twisted metal on the road. But no, the sweet man comes in bearing the afore mentioned flowers! What a wonderful surprise!


Thank you dear! xoxo



* I then snip through my finger with kitchen shears while trying to trim the stems.


Lessons learned:


Listen to my husband. Particularly in situations that I get caught up in he can think more logically then I can. Plus, he’s pretty smart.


Thinking that I can shop for all the goods and sundries – for a month – for a family of nine – with five children in tow is sheer madness. I’ve done it a couple of times since moving here …. but it’s miserable. I think the addition of Duel now going with us … it’s just the proverbial straw that broke camels back.


If it’s to hard to cut, then don’t.








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