This abundent life courtesy of our Lord and Savior ~ Jesus Christ

Nov 152013

Less then an hour old!


James  Robert Moore, Jr.

aka: Jim Bob Junior


8lbs even!

10 days late!

This little boy was giving me some serious stress!
At ten days late we were getting awful close to having to have a hospital birth.
Fortunately he came through for me and we were able to have him at home.

For someone who had given me such a hard time
(time wise and with nearly a month of terrible braxons and contractions)

he was born blissfully fast.  

So fast in fact,  that Donna the midwife had only been here for about ten minutes.
Her and James were scrambling around getting things in order….
…..and I was trying unsuccessfully to get myself situated
when he made his appearance.

The other midwives missed the event entirely!

Anyhow, he’s a perfectly wonderful baby boy who has
a huge smile ….
a strong grip ….
and an incredible talent for creating a wash load.






Oct 082013



When a couple is having a new baby,

oftentimes the husband will give his wife

flowers….      or candy…. or even jewelry … 

Mine got me a …..


And I couldn’t be happier!

It’s not just ANY garbage can… it’s toddler proof!

As in Prairie and Thaddeus proof.

Well, and now Meadow because she’s into EVERYTHING.

While it can be pushed around, it can’t be knocked over…. at least not easily.

And it’s sturdy, so no more easily broken latches.

For the past year we have resorted to using shopping bags for the garbage.


Until you do without something as commonplace as a garage can for sooooo long

 it’s so easy to take it for granted.


Thank You James  xoxo

Oct 032013

James Robert Moore, Jr.


Baby James seems to be pretty crowded nowadays…. gone are the power kicks … although there’s still times he manages to get one in and hit some painful ligaments. Now he’s just mostly squirming and lurching. He has his favorite position that he always moves back into, which is kind of fun as it leaves his hiney pushing out against the right side of my tummy.

Except for one scare … which was my first baby safety scare out of nine pregnancies (not bad!) the pregnancy has gone by way too fast and been uneventful. Just the usual woes that hit me. Restless legs… the nonstop maddening itchy back…. stuff like that. Fortunately most of these things disappear within a week of delivery. 🙂

The Braxton Hicks have plagued me all of this third trimester… my constant reminder of what I have to look forward to. <shudder> All of the pregnancy discomfort I can handle…. but I’m a chicken when it comes to labor.

Let’s just skip that part of it, ok? 🙂

Little Jr. has turned out to be a very accommodating baby so far! 🙂  On this day last week I was pretty convinced he would be a week early… he was so very very low and it sure felt like things were going on. He was so low that he was suddenly measuring behind and I had seemingly gotten smaller.  It would have been inconvenient timing though as there were things I really needed to do before he came…. namely the monthly grocery trip.

So, now that I’m done with the things that HAVE to be done (fully stocked pantry!) he’s free to come, although timing is still dicey.

Today would be good ….

Tomorrow even better….

Saturday would be bad as Gramma and Grampa are busy….

Sunday (DUE DATE!) would be terrible as that’s Meadows birthday….

Monday is fine…

Tuesday would be really terrible as our **MUST BE HERE**  midwife has treatment that day!! I do NOT want to have this baby without Donna here!

So, now it’s just a matter of waiting… and trying to finish up my insane list of goals to accomplish before baby comes. Realistically there’s only a couple of things that I MAY be able to finish given that I’m slower than molasses atm.



Dec 242012




Unfortunately my camera did NOT cooperate and I missed/messed up lots of great photo ops.

The best being Uncle Rick having way to much fun playing with Daphne and Prairie and their new magnetic dolls.

Now THAT was funny!




Miss Meadow getting some attention 🙂

I’m pretty sure the laughter was from her doing something decidedly unladylike.




Isn’t this precious !?





Uncle Rick had no trouble getting smiles out of the normally shy Thaddeus!




Thaddeus enjoyed one of his favorite foods….pasta!

Let’s just consider the messy eating a compliment to the chef, ok?




David and Daphne discussing fingernails.

 Daphne had asked David for help

… unfortunately neither had enough fingernail to easily take the magnets off of the fridge.





Babies getting attention from Aunt Kathy and Kara





More magnet fun… Kara hanging out with the girls.





The much anticipated Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

As you can see, Prairie REALLY enjoyed it! 

She scarfed it down and shared plenty with the carpet.

I inherited the beautiful fondant bow….

 which will now grace as many birthday cakes as it can until it falls apart.







Two handsome guys relaxing after the long day.








Dec 202012

*The Graduation*

Considering that we had four kids three and under to attend to …. I had trepidation about it for days before hand.

 Really, who takes this many kids to a college graduation?

The children are pretty well behaved… BUT… at their ages ANYTHING can happen!

I had visions of diaper explosions ~ clothing malfuntions~  and projectile spit up dancing through my head.

 Fortunately everything went remarkably well.





Kids unloaded…

Look for overflow area…

Turned away….

Make our way into the church….

Find out where to hide stroller…

Climb two flights of stairs…..

Plop down.




During the ceremony we were up in the balcony area …. which turned out to be the perfect place for us!

We were able to see the proceedings on the big screen and the children had the freedom to move around without disturbing anyone.

Well, almost no one…. Prairie very generously kept  offering her snacks  to a  very patient lady in one of the seats.




 So the ceremony went quite well!

We packed up and left once Davids turn was over.


Isn’t this a sweet moment??? I wish I could remember what they were talking about!




Our ONE bad moment.






Can’t forget the lovely Miss. Meadow!