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Feb 222013


   Funny Stuff!

   We had a Fed Ex delivery a couple of days ago. The delivery man honked and honked until I came out.

 As he hesitantly approached our backyard gate, he pointed to the doggy door and stated that he was afraid that a big dog was going to jump out of there.

I take it he must have had some bad experiences out here in the boonies.

This sign may have been what made him worried….



"Gretchen" "Beware of Dog"

Our Front Gate



What he didn’t know is that our ‘dog’ is perfectly harmless.

I call him Festus.


Our Dog


Granted, he’s a lousy watchdog…

but he’s no trouble whatsoever….

and he’s very good with children.






Feb 192013



  Either one baby is

very very big

or one is

very very small.



"Big baby"

Can you believe that there is a 17 month age difference between them??


Meadow at 4 months is 18 lbs.

{ The girl is HUGE }

Thaddeus at 21 months is 25 lbs.



After consulting growth charts

( I found a growth chart for children with Down Syndrome for Thaddeus)

 it would appear that :

Meadow is at the 75th percentile for height and 98th percentile for weight.

Thaddeus  is at the 35th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight.