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Feb 022012


The weekend before last, I was gathering up the garbage to be taken off to our facility. When done, I noticed the can was only about half full. Not bad for a family our size…. nine people/ half a medium sized can.

It did peak my curiosity as to what our garbage consisted of though. Since we have three children in diapers I just HAD to know how much was household garbage and how much was from the babies.


For exactly a week I kept the babies diaper garbage separate from the household trash.

Then just before James hauled the whole mess off I carefully weighed each assemblage with the help of my lovely assistant.



The final tally:

Household: 7lbs

Diapers: 30lbs.

So, the household garbage wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure what I could do to lower that one.

The diaper total for three children, how bad is that really?

Doesn’t seem too terrible. That is, until you grab a calculator and do some figuring!

8.75 months = 35 weeks

35 weeks x 30lbs. = 1050lbs!

That’s approximately HALF A TON of diapers since Thaddeus was born!

That’s BAD.

Makes one think.

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