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Oct 202012

When she was about three weeks old Meadow had more visitors 🙂

Uncle Ralph, Aunt Marilyn, Gramma and Grampa, and their friends Bob and Eddie.







The main attraction slept through most of the visit!









Prairie was quite intrigued by the “Boogie Wipes”.

Seeing as how she had a cold…. she tested them out for the baby.

She’s a good big sister.






 Duel became TOTALLY enamored by Uncle Ralph and Aunt Marilyn






 Daphne became so distraught when Gramma and Grampa left!




Oct 172012

Last month I had to run into the store after Prairies dentist appointment with five of the kids.

 Not a big deal except that I only have two hands and I was nine months pregnant.

Gretchen was such a huge help by pushing a cart with Daphne and Prairie while I pushed Thaddeus in another. I really didn’t think she’d be able to manage the heavy cart very well  however, she did amazing.

Except for running over Duel once (it was his own fault ~ oiy!)

she didn’t hit me or anyone else.

Pretty sure people were steering clear of her.

As one can see in the pictures…. praising her on her strength went to her head….




She showed off her muscles every time we stopped…. and continued even out in the parking lot.

Not only that…

but she’s STILL bragging about it!


Oct 152012

David made a trip out to meet his new sister. I LOVE the second photo …. isn’t it cute!



Then there’s … what? A lesson on how NOT to hold the baby??


After dinner he then gave a physics lesson to the younger crowd….


they need the head start on these things dontcha know.

I’ve captured what apt pupils they are  🙂

Physics 101