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May 302015


One of the resources that we’ve been utilizing this past year is  While it can be an all-inclusive resource for homeschoolers, we’ve been using it as a supplement, particularly for 9th grade.

For example, in English/Lit we have used the writing class as a fill in to make things well rounded. Each writing assignment is broken down into a month of weekly assignments.  Some of them are fairly simple … then there’s also challenging authors such as G. K. Chesterton.  He’s a fun read once you get the hang of his wit.

This year they are adding/have added so many classes! There’ a whole slew of classes being added over the next few months.  The huge variety of choices are overwhelming!  I haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet but a couple are already on our roster:

*Elementary spelling

*Middle school spelling

*Hands-On Architecture for Beginners

This will be for Duel. He enjoys building so I’m really hoping that this will inspire him to further his skills.

*Middle Ages History

We are going to be entering the middle ages this year in Mystery of History, so I should be able to use this to supplement! We’re going to be taking our time exploring the middle ages !

*Simply Shakespeare

Pookie is studying British literature for 10th grade so this should fir it nicely!

*Daily Grammar

good supplement for the curriculum we’re purchasing

*Daily Math

 I can never have enough math resources! 

And most exciting to add is Experience Videomaking!

Our kids have SO many ideas for productions!

I think what’s holding them back, aside from time, is simple the semantics of following through. Hopefully this will help them transition from thinking to DOING!

Plus, as a member I get coupons for other programs!

We’ve already decided to use Hoffman Academy and EIW Grammar

– both of which are included in the coupon section!