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Nov 032014

I was supposed to have them posted by the 26th, since Friday was our last day of the first quarter, but last week was a sick week… a nasty virus had taken over our home!

Anyhow, it did provide the opportuntiy to find a bug in the admin program. The report cards are for first quarter, however there’s second quarter grades listed from tests they took last week.

Yes – I make sick kids take tests.

(they did pretty well considering!)


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Oct 082013

James Robert Moore, Jr.


As in the baby who refuses to be born.

Two weeks of false starts.

Two weeks of starting to time contractions.

And NOTHING. Nada.

It was slightly amusing/slightly annoying at first.

Now it’s just nerve wracking.

I’ve always maintained that girls are easier then boys….

This is just further proof.

Between the ‘wouldn’t wish it on my enemy” agony of  Thaddeus’s posterior birth

….as in ‘sunny side up’….

(I don’t understand the science behind why facing up or down makes any sort of difference-


and now our tardy child.

Ok, so he’s only two days past due date, but I normally go two days or so early.  And I normally am not teased for two weeks.  And he’s been super low and ready to go.

At 40 weeks we’re now measuring 37.

That’s pretty low.






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Mar 222013



   Almost every weekday morning I have a heavy heart. 


Because I drive to the bus stop and witness a sight that just make me want to cry.


Children dressed shamefully immodest.

{I have another term in mind but that wouldn’t be fair to the CHILDREN} - Dear Girls, Dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure. Yes you'll get attention, but mostly from pigs. Sincerely, Real Men

This morning it was 40 degrees out. What did I see?

I saw an 8th grader dressed in a bright red micro mini.

NOT a mini skirt.

 A micro mini.

When she walked by I could see where her stockings changed material. If she could not walk and retain a degree of modesty, please tell me how she is going to manage to get through a school day without showing something that she shouldn’t?


I saw a 5th grader wearing short shorts.

By short I mean the length did not extend but maybe ( maybe?? ) an inch on her leg.

 This is not out of the ordinary at our bus stop.  The shockingly reveling clothes on a variety of these young girls {CHILDREN} is nearly a  daily occurrence.


When I see all this I become so sad. Sad that such beautiful daughters of God have no idea who they are. Sad that they think by wearing this they will be more popular, more date-able, more “in”.  Sad that they are so easily swayed to risk so much for such unimportant things. Sad that their parents seem to be more afraid of offending the children than they are of offending God.


I would love to be bold enough to go to their parents and beg them to be more assertive, more stern, more diligent more LOVING in helping  to set and keep standards.


It is devastating to me that the parents let their children own these types of clothes – much less let them out of the house wearing them.


My anger in this matter is directed toward two sources:



I blame the mothers because women are making majority of the purchasing decisions. They are buying high-heeled shoes, provocative underwear and sexy clothing that is either too revealing or covered with slogans that are sexist or have sexual innuendos  Are mothers trying to relive some kind of youthful fantasy through their little girls? Do they really want them objectified and defined in this sort of manner? Have mothers lost all sense of protectiveness and common sense?

The fathers I blame even more.  A man has a God-given responsibility to protect his children.  Out of all of the girls at the bus stop there are three who are the worst offenders. Two of the three I KNOW have fathers in the home. The man is the head of his household and ultimately the responsibility falls on his shoulders. Men know how other males react to visual stimuli… do they REALLY want their little girls looked at in a lustful way by their young male peers? Is it an ego boost for their daughter to look ‘hot’? I simply cannot fathom a father not taking a stand on this.


A duty that even a marginally adequate parent can perform is to love and protect their CHILDREN. 

Our daughters are precious  –

their virtue, innocence, and reputation should be guarded, treasured, and protected.




It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their daughters that their self worth comes not from the attention they receive from flaunting their bodies.  From a Christian perspective it should be that our daughters are a valuable child of God and that their appearance should reflect such.


Matthew Henry wrote, “The purity of the heart will show itself in the modesty of the dress, which becomes women professing godliness.”


Being modest doesn’t mean you need to wear a bursa , or dress frumpy or look like you just stepped off the Mayflower !

Girls can still be well-dressed, fashionable, and look stunning

without damaging  their modesty.

Immodesty in our little girls is the first step of a much larger plot, devised by Satan, and unwittingly carried out by lenient parents to soften them up for a much larger world of immorality.


If our dear daughters loose the ability to  blush, they are primed for a whole new level of sin in their lives.


The School System


When I was in school girls pushed boundaries…. Big gaudy make up …. Big gaudy hair….chewing gum in class…  {gasp}

But, clothing? Not so much. If you pushed the dress code very far you could expect an embarrassing stay in the principles office while waiting for your parents to either take you home or bring a change of clothing.

It would seem that like many other rules, a dress code is  now simply lip service that looks good on paper.

Even the ‘military academy’  high school that my eldest daughter attended didn’t enforce the rules.

If the schools fail to correct an offender, does that automatically imply that they condone?


It certainly does.


How disappointing…. especially since we have two girls that we are forced to entrust to this school and are influenced by their complete lack of standards.


I am not comfortable with having an 8 and 13 old seeing this – much less seeing it being CONDONED by an entity that they are supposed to view as an authority.


What kind of message does the school allowing clothing – like micro mini’s – send? Earlier this week they allowed a girl from the bus stop ( who’s perhaps around 8 ) to wear a strapless halter dress which she had to keep her hand on to keep it from falling down.


Why? Is the school worried about offending parents by expecting rules enforced?  Are they worried that each day they enforce , that they’ll lose too many of their students ? Or do they just not care?


So, if parents wont protect their daughters and the public school system wont protect our children…. Who will?








Oct 172012

Last month I had to run into the store after Prairies dentist appointment with five of the kids.

 Not a big deal except that I only have two hands and I was nine months pregnant.

Gretchen was such a huge help by pushing a cart with Daphne and Prairie while I pushed Thaddeus in another. I really didn’t think she’d be able to manage the heavy cart very well  however, she did amazing.

Except for running over Duel once (it was his own fault ~ oiy!)

she didn’t hit me or anyone else.

Pretty sure people were steering clear of her.

As one can see in the pictures…. praising her on her strength went to her head….




She showed off her muscles every time we stopped…. and continued even out in the parking lot.

Not only that…

but she’s STILL bragging about it!