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May 302015


One of the resources that we’ve been utilizing this past year is  While it can be an all-inclusive resource for homeschoolers, we’ve been using it as a supplement, particularly for 9th grade.

For example, in English/Lit we have used the writing class as a fill in to make things well rounded. Each writing assignment is broken down into a month of weekly assignments.  Some of them are fairly simple … then there’s also challenging authors such as G. K. Chesterton.  He’s a fun read once you get the hang of his wit.

This year they are adding/have added so many classes! There’ a whole slew of classes being added over the next few months.  The huge variety of choices are overwhelming!  I haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet but a couple are already on our roster:

*Elementary spelling

*Middle school spelling

*Hands-On Architecture for Beginners

This will be for Duel. He enjoys building so I’m really hoping that this will inspire him to further his skills.

*Middle Ages History

We are going to be entering the middle ages this year in Mystery of History, so I should be able to use this to supplement! We’re going to be taking our time exploring the middle ages !

*Simply Shakespeare

Pookie is studying British literature for 10th grade so this should fir it nicely!

*Daily Grammar

good supplement for the curriculum we’re purchasing

*Daily Math

 I can never have enough math resources! 

And most exciting to add is Experience Videomaking!

Our kids have SO many ideas for productions!

I think what’s holding them back, aside from time, is simple the semantics of following through. Hopefully this will help them transition from thinking to DOING!

Plus, as a member I get coupons for other programs!

We’ve already decided to use Hoffman Academy and EIW Grammar

– both of which are included in the coupon section!




Nov 062014

We use  to make Jeopardy style study guides.

We have game buzzers … but they’re awfully hard to use. Even though they each  make a different sound,  it’s impossible to tell who buzzed first.

But it’s still more  fun than studying on your own. 🙂

Playing this gives the kids a good idea of what kind of information will be on the test. After we’ve played,  they can use it all they want for studying.

Click on the picture to play!


Mystery of History Jeopardy – Roman Republic through the Golden Age of Athens


So, one question was ‘What caused Athens to be able to have it’s Golden Age?’  

( answerA 30-year peace treaty with Sparta. )

Duel answered: a peace treaty

Me: Yes, but how long was it?

Duel, answering with great excitement: Six feet!



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Nov 042014


As soon as we’re caught up on a couple of things we’ll be trying  out skits and productions using this …..


green screen


This is a really lousy picture, but it’s the only one I could take before the camera died. Nothing could persuade me to unroll this monstrosity  just for the purpose of taking a decent photo!

I’m really excited for the kids to begin using this! Not only does it open up endless possibilities for productions, but will also give them a  chance to really get familiar with the editing software.

I’ll be doing the first one, just so I know how to use the green screen features. After that, I plan on just being background help for if they get stuck on something.

Nov 032014

I was supposed to have them posted by the 26th, since Friday was our last day of the first quarter, but last week was a sick week… a nasty virus had taken over our home!

Anyhow, it did provide the opportuntiy to find a bug in the admin program. The report cards are for first quarter, however there’s second quarter grades listed from tests they took last week.

Yes – I make sick kids take tests.

(they did pretty well considering!)


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