Animation Page

Welcome to my animation page. Using Toon Boom software, I have been experimenting drawing and animating my own cartoons. With some practice, I hope to get good enough to make so really cool stuff. Studio is more of a novice software. Animate 2 is more professional. Check out Rapping with Mr. T.  for my latest attempt at using the tool. I''ve come along way already since the Studio stuff. Enjoy!!

Toon Boom Studio 6

Bouncing Ball
Stick Man Walking in Place
Stick Man Walking/Panning Screen
Stick Man Walking Across the Screen
Pookie and the Fly
Gretchen and Duel Birthday 2010
Chey Mother's Day
Daphne First Birthday 2010
Grandpa Moore Father's Day
Pookie Birthday 2010

Toon Boom Studio 7

A Home On fire (By Duel Trimble)

The Talking Man (By Gretchen Trimble)

Toon Boom Animate 2

Prairie Birthday 2010
David Birthday 2010
Larry The Cucumber and Bob The Tomato (Veggie Tales)
Rapping with Mr. T.